Alejandra Velasco

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The Author

Alejandra Velasco is a Marketing Student with a minor in Graphic Design in the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She works as writing and marketing freelancer in the fashion industry. Alejandra’s goal is to be a recognized creativer director and voice in the fashion world.

La Elixiere

La Elixiere was born as an assignment for her class INF 103. In this blog, Alejandra expresses her opinions about the impact certain designers, trends, models, etc. have had in the fashion industry and beyond. Clothing is our second skin and serves as a creative outlet for humans to communicate and express certain interests and ideologies. It is also a huge industry with a market value of 406 billion dollars. Fashion takes part of our everyday lives and therefore it’s crucial that we have an understanding of it’s influence and history.

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